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Solutions Engineer

We are looking for a Solutions Engineer

Job Mission

Use the learnings you have gathered from modern web approaches, together with your drive for keeping up with technology to deliver solutions that empower our development teams to be more efficient, more focussed and more impactful.


The Ringier SA team is made up of 50+ developers spread across more than half a dozen countries. We build and maintain the tech for Classifieds Marketplaces across the world, with a specific focus on emerging markets in Africa and Asia. Our platforms attract millions of views per month, and are market leaders in their respective countries. Our solution is called “Cube”, and aims to solve all of the technical requirements for running a highly scalable, highly available marketplace business. It does this while still giving local customisations for different countries and continuously improving from what we’ve learnt in other markets.

Apart from the 4 specific teams focussed on Jobs, Cars, Horizontals (General Classifieds) and a Meta (aggregator) team, we also have dedicated teams for Platform Engineering (Dev-Ops), Framework, User Experience, Search & Data, Commerce and an event driven Event Bus team. With the backing of the international media powerhouse “Ringier AG”, we have access to world class development resources, shared knowledge and a wealth of international business insights. We also have the commitment of significant future growth prospects as a company and individually as developers. 

On offer, is a role within the Framework team. This team is charged with the task of empowering the rest of our development teams to be more efficient. That includes, amongst other things, isolating complexity in the form of microservices/packages, reviewing current and potential future technical solutions and sometimes just lending an experienced hand to get a project over the finish line. We aim to have a framework team that is well equipped to handle any issue that comes up in developing, delivering, deploying and monitoring our web applications. We aim to build up specialisations, especially relating to complex technical problems, as resources for other teams to lean on. 

The “Solutions Engineer” role should be filled by a candidate that is “plugged-in” to the modern Web development community. We’re looking for a candidate who can not only help identify potential solutions that fall within our mandate, but also drive those solutions over the finish line. We’re looking for someone who keeps up to date with constant technology advances and is eager to keep learning and experimenting while also bringing value to the organisation.

Key Responsibilities
  • Research and present proposals for how we can improve our technical solutions, specifically focussed around the problems faced by a large scale Web marketplace. 

  • Take ownership of all technical aspects on agreed projects, from assisting with estimation of complexity through to reviewing the impact once launched. Plus all of the actual development in between! 

  • Assist with training, skills development and knowledge transfer within the organisation.

  • Become proficient in all technical aspects of our stack. Including our primary development tooling (Laravel, VueJs, Tailwind CSS, Livewire) as well as overlaps with Platform Engineering (Docker, AWS Services,  Terraform and Jenkins)

  • Assist with cross team collaboration on projects, platform migrations and proof of concept projects. 

  • Play a key role in reviewing and approving work of your peers as part of the software development process.

  • Use prescribed tools and work according to the established Ringier SA software development process.

  • Keep abreast with industry trends, new technologies and best practices in the software development space. 

  • Constantly innovate and raise the bar of software quality.

  • Proactively improve products, systems, processes

  • Participate in the scrum process and daily stand-ups.

  • Deliver software according to agreed timelines

  • Be a seasoned communicator, proficient in technical and business/ functional aspects of the software development process. 

  • Be comfortable working in an agile and fast-paced environment.

  • Team player and willing to go beyond the call of duty when the need arises.

  • Tenacity and the ability to solve complex software bugs.

  • Self motivated, Disciplined and productive in a “Remote First” company culture.


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